Importing Site (with subsites) fails with Fatal Exception: Site Already Exists

Jun 16, 2010 at 11:04 PM

I am trying to deploy changes from one environment to another.  The export of the top level site (with All descendants) runs fine, and gives me the CMP file with the parent site and subsites (as well as all of their content, lists, etc.). 

When I run the tool in my other environment, and set it to import pointing to the CMP export file for the current environment, my intent is to overwrite the current environment site with the contents of the export, to basically reconcile the 2 environments.

The import works if I first delete the site at the parent level, then run the import to recreate everything. However, the import fails with a Fatal Exception stating that the site already exists.  My question is this:  does this tool not allow me to overwrite existing sites, will it always attempt to create the sites as it runs through the import process?