Permissions issue after import using Forms Based Authentication

Jun 29, 2010 at 12:06 PM
Hey Everyone, We have an issue with permissions breaking after a full site import. See the import and export saved settings below. We are using LDAP Forms based authentication. Before we import to the destination we clear down the site by running stsadm -o deletesite / stsadm -o createsite. We have users in the site collection visitor group on the source site, when we export and import into the destination site we create the default groups (Site settings > People and Groups > Settings > Setup Groups. We then add the group from AD containing our users to the Site Visitors group ldaproleprovider: %usergroup%. However when we try to render the site we get access denied from SharePoint, I have found adding the group to the Site owners group allows access. As a work around we copied the read permission level and associated a new group to that permission level, we then added to group to the new SharePoint group and then we were able to render the site. So two questions really, 1. Is it expected behaviour to NOT import the default groups created in the source site? 2. Why does creating the default groups on the destination and adding the LDAP group not give permissions to the site UNLESS added to the Site Owners group? Export: <ExportSettings SiteUrl="http://***" ExcludeDependencies="False" ExportMethod="ExportAll" IncludeVersions="LastMajor" IncludeSecurity="None" FileCompression="True" FileLocation="E:\Export\20100629" BaseFileName="full_site_col.cmp"> <ExportObjects> <DeploymentObject Id="549e7355-3f9e-4413-a9bb-87edc51d3781" Title="" Url="http://***" Type="Site" IncludeDescendants="All" /> </ExportObjects> </ExportSettings> Import: <ImportSettings SiteUrl="http://***/" ImportWebUrl="http://***/" FileLocation="E:\Import\20100527" BaseFileName="full_site_col.cmp" IncludeSecurity="None" VersionOptions="Overwrite" RetainObjectIdentity="True" UserInfoUpdate="ReplaceUserWithSystemAccount" /> Thanks in advance Paul