Giant Farm Import... Where's the XML/CMP?

Oct 18, 2010 at 5:14 PM


One of my Site Collection have more than 2Gb. By trying to backup a site Collection using this great tool, I've selected the option to Disable Compression. (Necessary to select if your SiteCollection is to big)


So, here is the question. How can I import the backup after the successfuly export? It's necessary to use stsadm to import the backup that is not compressed. When I use the tool to create the XML to import the backup, it asks to me for a CMP file.

But the CMP it's not created if you selected the option "Disable Compression".



How can I import a farm if I selected the option "Disable Compression"? Does anybody know how to or where can I find this answer? 

Thank you,



Pablo Bertrão