Win Form changes

Aug 2, 2008 at 6:28 PM
Hi Chris - Great tool. Here are a couple of comments re: layout of the Win Form.
Select content for export step shows two GroupBoxes, Export Content and Selected Items
1. Suggest that you use a Splitter Panel on the Form. Put Export Content in top panel of splitter and Selected Items in bottom panel of splitter.  Ensure that the controls are Docked as Fill.
   - Why? I find it difficult to see what I am looking for in a list of 10 items in each control. By using a Splitter panel, each Group Box can be expanded in size to see more.
2. Suggest that the list of files in the Export Content folders be arranged aphabetically. 
   - Why? I am looking for a few files in a loooong list. It takes some time to realize where they are.