Content Imports to Wrong Location

Jun 17, 2009 at 3:37 PM

Hello Everyone,

I seem to be confused as to how the import function of this tool works.  I'm trying to export and import content from one site collection to another in the same farm.  I'd like to take all content (including descendants) from this URL http://servername/IT and move it to a new site collection in a different database that resides at this URL http://servername/sites/IT.  The import seems to work ok except it always moves the content to a subsite of this new site collection so it all moves here http://servername/sites/IT/IT

I've tried nearly every combination I can think of when entering the Site URL and Import Web URL and it still wants to always create a subsite and put the content there.  Did I maybe export the content wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks!