Can't work out moving items such as files and folders between site collections

Sep 22, 2009 at 4:32 PM

Hi Chris, all.

I've used your tool to successfully move an entire document library with versioning, folders and documents from one site collection to another, perfect.

However, my end users want to pick and mix folders and single documents and move them from an existing shared documents library on one site to a destination of the same name, i.e Share Documents on a different site. They want to maintain the versioning history.

I've tried selecting folders and adding them to the export but it fails for me during the import. I take it your tool can move folders and single documents between site collections? Out of interest, if you move a folder called Shared Documents to another site with a folder of the same name, will it error, overwrite it, or will it work out the difference between the two and add items the target doesn't already have?

Thanks for any assistance, DarrelR