How do I move a Site from the root SiteCollection to another SiteCollection (under /sites/) ?

Feb 17, 2010 at 2:59 PM

Since I last wrote about version 1.1, I've downgraded our MOSS VM to use WSS, and in doing so, installed 2.7b of your wizard.   

To recap, we've got an integration server, which has a WSS VM on it, in which we have a single WebApplication on port 80 that we all want to use.  We also have a WSS VM on each of our development PCs, based on the integration one. 
Now we want to shuffle some Sites (Webs?) around on this integration server, just to segregate areas of work, give safe URLs to clients, and generally save people stepping on each others toes.  Just usual kind of reasons, really - the same as I would have previously sett up ports/virtual directories on IIS7, I suppose.
This morning, we set up the following SiteCollections & Sites on the integration (I'll just call that VM box integ)
http://integ/sites/release (for client demos of several distinct projects, below the level of this SiteCollection)
http://integ/sites/sandbox (for clients to play around in, set up ContentTypes and Lists and so on, naming conventions, and show us what they mean - so we can copy from something definite)
http://integ/sites/graham etc. (a SiteCollection each to hold blogs, integration work in progress etc. Developer home sites.)
http://integ/sites/team (might have a SiteCollection for generally applicable collaborative development things like a wiki, probably a using the Team Site Template)
We like the idea that, within a Site, there doesn't seem to be any "upwards visibility" (or risk of breaking things!) beyond the ceiling of the SiteCollection.
These new SiteCollections & Sites are all empty at the moment though.
There's also a couple of Sites (Webs?) that we would rather sat below the release or sandbox SiteCollections.
The URLs that we have are wrong because they are too "high-level".  They look like this :
http://integ/MySite (a development site that should be hidden away in http://integ/bryce/mysite or http://integ/bryce/sites/mysite )
Can I use Content Deployment Wizard to layout the WebApplication the way we should have? 
As a test, I tried copying over my blog from the integration server to my VM, running the wizard on my own VM to import it there, but I didn't see any change on my VM.  The integration blog is still there, but there seem to be WebParts broken on that server now (http://integ/marketing above). Oh dear.
So, I thought I'd better stop there and ask for help!
As an alternative to export/import, would it be possible to just use the Admin Console page (Operations) to provide Alternate Access Mappings for these URLs?? We've all got access to the Admin Console.
Many thanks for your reading all this!
Best Regards,
PS - I can do a Remote Desktop login to the integration server, by the way.  In case I need to do any exporting on the source server. We all have an admin login there, and separate user logins for each developer.
PPS - As you can probably tell, I'm a bit rusty on the difference between URLs with and without /sites/ in them.  As I understand it, a SiteCollection exists for virtual directories at the http://server/ level, and at the http://server/sites/ ; and there is only one SiteCollection, and one Site, at the http://server/ level. I call this the Root Site Collection & Root Site, and I try to refer to sites in SiteCollections below the http://server/sites/ level as Webs due to the SPWeb class in my code (although my teammates usually call them sub-sites).  Do let me know if any of these are mis-conceptions.  We don't seem to follow the naming conventions in books, and I'm not formally trained.