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Issue deleting corrupted list


Hi Guys,

We are facing an issue with deleting the corrupted List.
Scenario :
We had tried to Import ‘Site Collection documents’ library from development Site to another Site using SPContentDeployment wizard with Retain Object ID(to retain GUID while migrarting) box checked. Before they perform Import Original list title has been changed to ‘Site Collection documents_Old’.
Since ‘Site Collection documents’ library will already be present when Publishing site is created, import has failed. But the issue has been a new ‘Site Collection Documents’ library has been partially created (which is corrupted) and when we click it on, it pops up the following error :
List does not exist
The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.

We tried various options to delete this list through custom code and stsadm commands but didn’t help.
And when creating new Document library- Site Actions -> More options… -> this error pops up
An error occurred while getting the items
We referred the below article to resolve the issue , but it didn’t help us.
Here are other approaches we tried,

We tried to delete that list using SharePoint Designer but we got failed. Because the list doesn’t exist or not showing in the designer.
· We have tried “Forcedeletelist” through command prompt.
      Referring :-
· Using PowerShell script.
· We wrote own custom code to delete the list, In the code we accessed list but not able to update it or delete it.
      Because “List.Update()” and “List.Delete()” is giving the error “List does not exist”. So in depth we debugged the code we check schema properties for that list.
      List.title is only property is updated but other properties not set.
· Using the Third party tool,
     Gary Lapointe’s STSADM Extension tool ,
     Referring :- But there is no success. 
Please let me know if anybody had faced similar problem and come up with resolution for the issue.

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PerrySharePoint wrote Nov 19, 2014 at 7:38 PM

It sounds like you imported a new copy of the list with the same GUID as an existing copy? I'm surprised that worked. Maybe you'll have to go into the contentdb and change one of the object ids? Not sure...