Duplicate Columns in Pages Library ->Content Type

Jul 19, 2008 at 3:55 PM
In the site collection ( Publishing portal), created a top level site (source1) based on Publishing Template. No new pages created except the default page, which got approved.

Ran the tool to export the web (source1) ( descendants=content, excludedependancy=true). No issues wsith this.

Imported the web to a target Top level site (target1) in the same site collection. Import goes through. However after import, if you go to target1 View All Site Content -> Pages-> Doc Lib Settings-> "Page" content type, you would notice that "Rollup Image" site columns appears in duplicate. This issue you could see even in Article page  and WelCome Page content types ( sometimes different field such as Image Caption, SummaryLinks etc)

(Above said is env with WSS SP1, MOSS SP1 installed)